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Five Little Foxes

This poem is dedicated to my grandson and all children who love nature. The fox photos were taken by my husband, Larry. He photographed a family of foxes, who lived across the road from us in 2020, through a spotting scope.

Five Little Foxes

Five little fox pups with coats of gray, scamper from their den on a sunny spring day.

They tussle. They tumble. They fall in a jumble.

As one untangles from the heap, another springs up with a mighty leap.

Soon all five are chasing, running fast as they go racing. The finish line is mom.

Dangling from her mouth is a yummy treat, a plump mouse for her pups to eat.

Two pups rush forward. One makes the snatch. Will mom find four more mice to catch?

Hungry siblings hope their brother will share. But he sprints to the den to eat his prize there.

Through the summer, the pups will grow. Mom will teach them all they need to know.

They’ll tune their ears to the slightest sound and catch mice scurrying underground.

They’ll sniff out any sort of danger from sneaky coyotes to human strangers.

But now, they’re little foxes having lots of fun, romping in the grass and napping in the sun.

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