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Her Mission

I have a poem that I wrote for a church service in November. We were celebrating United Methodist Women's Sunday. This clipping is from our church newsletter, The Chimes.

Her Mission

By Kathy Bunse

(This poem was written for use at UMW Sunday November 8, 2020.)

She asked her Lord “What should I do? How can I best serve you?”

“Shall I travel to a distant land? Find new language and customs to understand? Is that how I share the gospel story?”

Will you say “Seek the homeless out on the street. Take them some food, so they can eat. Bring them blankets to show you care. Don’t be afraid to just be there. Remind them they are God’s children.”

Will you show me the people that I might heal? Could I give them comfort and love that’s real? Lord, can you use me to make them whole again?

Silently, she continued to pray, listening for what the Lord might say.

A message came to her quite clear. A still, small voice whispered in her ear. “Take notice of the people you see nearby. Don’t ignore a tear or sigh. With a smile or hug, offer friendship that’s true. Give them the love I gave to you. Someday I may call you to serve on a foreign shore. But for now, my child, your mission begins just outside your door.

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