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Listen to the Bells!

Kathy Bunse

December 2021

Listen. Do you hear the bells? They’re proclaiming the news “Christmas is coming!”

The steady rhythm of sleigh bells announces “Company is coming. Prepare to welcome them.”

Children listen for a special visitor named Santa. The sound of his sleigh bells assures them that they’ll find long awaited gifts under the tree.

Ding, Ding, ding, ding! Ding, ding, ding, ding! A Salvation army bell-ringer grabs the attention of shoppers as they enter and exit crowded stores. Will the brass handbell’s tune prompt shoppers to give some of their abundance to the less fortunate?

Church bells peel out an invitation “Come and worship with us. Let us adore Christ, the newborn savior and king.”

Listen to the bells this Advent. Their messages guide us as we journey toward Christmas. Prepare a place in your heart and home for Jesus. Make him an honored guest. Recognize Jesus as a precious, long-awaited gift from God, who entered the world as a poor peasant boy. Follow his example of expressing love through service. Then you’ll be prepared to worship Christ this Christmas.

Author’s note: Listen to the Bells! Set the tone for Cosby Zion United Methodist Church’s annual Advent breakfast. Janet Furst brought the sleigh bells. Joyce Bollman brought the brass handbell and a handmade bell ornament made by her mother. Larry Bunse took the photo of Cosby Zion’s bell tower.

Participants also shared stories behind some of their favorite Christmas ornaments. Following each share, the group offered an appropriate prayer. (Example: an ornament from Haiti prompted prayer for missionaries.)

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