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My Guardian Dragon

Have you ever wished you knew someone or something that could protect you from all life's problems?  That's the question that prompted My Guardian Dragon.  I wrote this poem with my son-in-law, Tyler Urban.  So far, we don't have a picture of the dragon.  Feel free to send your dragon sketches to me!

My Guardian Dragon

By Kathy Bunse & Tyler Urban

December 4, 2019

Meet my guardian dragon.

He’s a fearsome sight to see.

When I’m with my dragon, no harm will come to me.

Before I met my dragon, I felt so shy and small. My confidence was lacking and I had no friends at all.

Now, fearlessly I travel wherever I may please.

The presence of my dragon makes me feel at ease.

I never worry about a thing. I always smile and sometimes sing.

I talk to everyone I meet.

They think my dragon’s pretty neat.

Yet lately, I have come to see, some just like to be with me.

My life goes smoothly without a care, even when my dragon’s not there.

It’s harder to find him these days, I think.

Could it be that my dragon is starting to shrink?

“Where are you, dragon?” I cried out in alarm, “Are you fading away? Did I cause you harm?”

“Oh, dragon, please tell me what’s going on. If you keep getting smaller, you’ll soon be gone!”

“Don’t worry,” he said “Things are as they should be. People see more of you now and less of me.”

“Your fear has subsided and you are much stronger. Your confidence is growing. You won’t need me much longer.”

“I’m ever so grateful, yet so ashamed. You’ll soon be gone and I don’t know your name.”

“You can call me friend, though I have names by the score. I am faith, love, courage and many more. I came to you to plant a seed and nurture the qualities that you will need.”

“In your heart and mind, I’ll always abide. But you are your own protector and guide.”

I gazed upon my friend with a heavy heart.

For now I know that we must part.

I smiled through tears as he flew away, raining sparkling scales to mark my way.

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